Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I had something to do this evening, but I decided to skip it. I told him I wasn't going to my meeting and that I'd be able to do something if he wanted. He texted me, "Ok cool ill call you when im done running errands." This was at 4:15. Sounds to me like he wants to hang out. I was looking forward to it. I got redressed, shaved my legs, brushed the snow off my car in the freezing cold and was picking out a Redbox movie for us to watch.

I haven't heard from him by 7:40 and I send him a text asking what the plan is. No response. I call him at 8 and he says he's at a restaurant with his mother. He then tells me all about their day, shopping, what he got, etc. He doesn't say a peep about hanging out tonight. When I bring it up he says "Oh, well, we just sat down, so it'll be at least an hour or so." I feel like it was inconsiderate of him to forget we were supposed to hang out. I was waiting for him to call, because he said he would. I arranged my afternoon and evening, to see him. It hurts my feelings that he just "forgets" that we were supposed to hang out. Maybe that's petty, but I'm annoyed.

He finally called at about 9:30 to say that his stomach was killing him. REALLY? So, I'm not going to see him tonight after all that. And now he's texting me pictures of all the things he got today... uhg.


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